Ways the NZBN will save you time and money

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Whatever the size or shape of your business, the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) will make doing business easier, faster and more professional.

Here's how:
  • Search the NZBN Register and you'll have details for all the businesses you deal with at your fingertips.
  • Know your suppliers' NZBNs and process and pay their accounts more quickly.
  • Using your NZBN means you won't have to repeat your key details to customers and suppliers.
  • It pre-populates online forms with your information to save time.
  • Always deliver goods to the right place by getting alerts when your customers change their physical address.

More than 675,000 Kiwi businesses have their NZBN, do you? Head to

Budget 2019 - Tax and the Budget

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Further developments with digital services tax and collection of the International Visitor Levy were announced and the Government remains committed to modernising and simplifying the tax system.  Read more…

Budget 2019 - Transforming the economy

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On the global stage, New Zealand's economy has obvious vulnerabilities: its reliance on export, uncertainties affecting major markets and political instability across many regions, complicated by a lack of coherent global action on climate change.  Read more…

Budget 2019 - Building a productive nation

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Innovation is seen as the key to assist New Zealand industries in the transition to an economy high in productivity but low in emissions. The challenge is for businesses to be more innovative and New Zealanders to adapt to changing job markets.
Read more…

Budget Special Alert 2019

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The lead-up to the Wellbeing Budget has been well signposted even if the track's been somewhat muddied by drama. It's a bold step to try and quantify progress in other than strictly financial terms. The brief is to implement change and manage the country's finances.

The focus is on 5 priority areas:  Read more…

Business health check for June

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Looking to export? Get insights and tips at an NZTE workshop near you or book a meeting for expert advice.
Running an R&D project? Get your paperwork sorted for your tax credit application.
Consider gifting staff or customers a good quality reusable bag to support the single-use plastic ban.

Conducting R&D? Cash in!

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Are you conducting research and development on home turf? You could be eligible for a tax credit of 15% on eligible R&D expenditure. The Government have introduced legislation bringing in a new R&D tax credit effective from the 2019/20 income tax year (1 April 2019 for most taxpayers) to encourage more Kiwi businesses to invest in new or improved processes, services or goods. It means innovative companies can receive a tax credit and maybe then have a bit of extra cash to help grow their business when they need it most.  Read more…

NZ says goodbye to millions of single-use plastic bags

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It's taken 17 years to follow in the footsteps of Bangladesh, the first country to ban single-use plastic bags, but we're finally there! Since 1 July, single-use plastic bags can't be sold or given away in New Zealand. It's all part of the Government's programme to reduce waste and build the foundations for our transition to a 'circular economy' where eventually waste will be designed out of the system.  Read more…

Hotmilk a hit on the global stage

2 minutes to read  
When long-time friends Lisa Ebbing and Ange Sloan teamed up to launch fashion-forward maternity lingerie, they had a global brand in mind. Now, just 7% of their business is local with international sales streaming in via their thriving website and the 300 stores across the globe selling their provocative but practical products.  Read more…

Keen to export: know where to start?

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Here's what you need to think about before hitting the (overseas) ground running.  Read more…

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