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Whether you intuitively know the importance of client feedback or COVID-19 has brought it front of mind, now is a pivotal time to find out what people think of your products and services and ensure you're making meaningful, sustainable progress. 

Your clients or customers experience your business in a way you never can. They're an incredible source of knowledge and insight. Push away any fears you have of gaining genuine feedback and use this step-by-step customer feedback guide to propel your business forward.

Your step-by-step guide to meaningful customer feedback (that doesn't cost the earth)

  1. Make a list of seven key clients or customers to call for feedback.
    Decide who is going to make the calls or split them between two staff members. Email in advance explaining how committed you are to improving your customer service and experience, that you value their constructive feedback, and would like to interview them via phone or Zoom. Each call should take 10-15 minutes and be focused on their experience with your business.

  2. Prepare questions.
    Don't be afraid to have deep discussions with your clients – ask open-ended questions such as: "What do we do well? What do you like about working with us/using our service or product?" and "How do you think we could improve?" Take notes during the call or do a Zoom and record it.

  3. Be open with your interviewees.
    Reiterate that you're having the conversation because you want to learn. Tell them that anything they can offer will help your business so there's no need to spare your feelings! Remember, any improvements you make to your business based on their feedback is a win for them too.

  4. Find the themes.
    Once you have all the feedback in front of you, segment it by theme ie: customer service, processes, or marketing.

  5. Engage your team.
    Now it's time to let your management team walk in your clients' shoes. Schedule a meeting to discuss the feedback themes. Don't make any decisions at this point, just let everyone digest and discuss.

  6. Wait.
    It's easy to jump into action but everyone needs time to sit with the feedback. Organise a meeting a week later to look more closely to identify worthwhile changes, then make an action plan.

  7. Embrace the gift of knowledge.
    Most of the feedback will be positive and open you up to learning, growing, and tweaking your business for the better. It can be hard to hear constructive criticism but once you reflect on it, you'll realise how powerful it is for change.

What Lies Beneath offers client feedback with depth as well as a masterclass for those who want to learn the tricks and bring client feedback skills in-house.
"Predominantly, customer feedback is more positive than negative. You'll always have wins and gain clarity, direction, and newfound confidence in what you do after talking to your customers."   Ange Wallace, director of What Lies Beneath, client feedback specialists.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is of a general nature only, and is not intended to address specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Specific advice should be sought from qualified professionals prior to relying on any information received from this article.