If you were thinking about getting some new equipment in the next few months, now might be a good time. 

One of the government's Covid-19 measures has been to temporarily increase the low-value asset threshold for depreciation from $500 to $5,000. 

If you buy assets, such as computers or a new phone, before 16 March 2021 and it's $5000 or less, then we can deduct the full cost of these assets. 

Don't buy it if you don't need it, but if you were thinking about buying, then now is a good time.

Lead by example – be a mental health champion

1 minute to read

Did you know the main reason people take time off work is due to poor mental health? So, it's in your best interest to promote positive mental health at work. Plus, stats show investing in building and maintaining good mental wellbeing at work boosts productivity, sales, creativity, and customer satisfaction.  Read more…

Implementing health and safety so it sticks

3 minutes to read

Have a health and safety policy and plan in place? Great! But how can you ensure everyone's 100% on board?
Read more…

Keeping you and your staff pain-free in 2021

3 minutes to read

Whether you and your staff are sitting or standing at work, there are risks to physical and mental wellbeing that can be easily avoided. Here are some top tips from Erin Holland from Active+, who's an experienced physiotherapist in occupational health.  Read more…

Healthy, wealthy workplaces in 2021

1 minute to read

If there's one thing the year-that-shall-not-be-named brought home: wellbeing is a business issue. When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, is a policy, plan, and hazard register enough? An increasing number of small and medium Kiwi businesses are taking further action to ensure the health of their people and profit off the back of COVID-19.  Read more…

Christmas housekeeping

1 Minute to read

Things to do this month:  Read more…

Christmas parties and presents on a budget

1 Minute to read

While it's been a financial rollercoaster of a year for most Kiwi businesses, Christmas time invites us to pause and celebrate what's gone right and thank the people we rode with. Here are eight ways to keep your costs down without sacrificing festive fun.  Read more…

New ways to communicate with staff

1 Minute to read

If you're assembling a wooden kitset table, would you prefer to watch a video demonstration, read instructions or diagrams, or talk to someone who'd done it before? How you best learn could influence the way you're delivering information to your staff. To make sure you cover all your teams' learning needs, pick a selection of these communication approaches:  Read more…
1 Minute to read

Ever handed out a business document for your team, only to find half of them abandoned at the table? Or discovered a staff member nodding off during a graphic, chart-filled presentation? It could be because the communication style you're using isn't resonating so they're unintentionally switching off. Read more…

The power of practicing acceptance

1 Minute to read

In a world of unpredictability and stress, our instinct brings cravings to survive, compete, and strive. But acceptance, not a comparison, is what will get us through.  Read more…

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